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AH&LA Award

AH&LA Award This year’s Stars of the Industry awards spotlighted Sheraton Atlanta and VOC Systems – both recognized for the “Outstanding Guest Relations Award,” large property. The event was hosted by the American Hotel and Lodging Association and held in Chicago on June 24. The award cited the property’s new, convenient guest feedback system, implemented by VOC Systems to allow knowledge and resolution of guest issues before they leave the property. Sheraton Atlanta’s guest feedback system has played a pivotal role in raising scores for over a dozen service metrics, reducing recovery costs and energizing employee morale. The system’s combination of speed, objectivity and detail gives managers unique opportunities to discover, prioritize and resolve flaws in service delivery, as well as reward consistently outstanding employees . The unbiased guest perspective provides a powerful tool for employee behavior “course corrections” and the ability to segment and track comments on the Internet. Related links follow:
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