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HOTELS Magazine Features VOC Systems as “Hot Technology”

HOTELS Magazine Features VOC Systems as “Hot Technology”

Hotels December 2010 Cover_Whats Hot

CHICAGO, IL — Hotels Magazine’s 2010 December issue features VOC Systems as one of eight companies in the “What’s Hot” Technologies article (pg 54). The article cites the experience of Jorg Heyer, Hotel Manager at 1680 key Sheraton Vistana Resort, who stated that with VOC implemented, the property has experienced improved employee accountability, enhanced transparency for top management and a meaningful, effective channel for dialogue with guests and owners. Further, employees are enjoying daily recognition for guest compliments on outstanding service—compliments visible to the entire operation. “It’s clear the industry is beginning to understand the impact of mid-experience feedback and the significant advantages it offers for guests, owners, operating staff and management,” stated Brad Kesel, VOC Systems’ CEO.

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