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Sheraton New Orleans Improves

Sheraton New Orleans Improves TripAdvisor Scores With Better Listening 

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New Orleans, LA—. Located in the heart of the Big Easy, the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel is a monument to the city’s famous venues and excitement. In the spirit of continuously improving the guest experience, the property’s local management team reached out to VOC Systems to help with capturing actionable insights from guests during their stay. They also wanted to build on their employee recognition programs to boost employee motivation and overall service performance…Jim Cook, General Manager stated, “Initially we employed the system with the intention of resolving guest issues in real time. Our hope was that this would help enhance our review scores and further our social media strategy and indeed that has been the case… This has definitely been reflected in the jump in our Tripadvisor rating as well a more positive presence for the hotel on other review sites.”
Employee recognition was also given a boost. “I think the biggest revelation for us was the number of positive responses we received through our VOC system…These kinds of messages are key in our associate recognition efforts…”
Another unexpected surprise from the system is the new level of connection that both our guests feel with the hotel and that our team has with our guests. Associates are better engaged knowing the immediate impact their actions have on our guests’ experience and the guests’ ease at communicating that experience in such a conversational manner makes it much more personal for them as well.”

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