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VOC Systems Announces TextWayTM Mid-Stay Guest Feedback Channel

ATLANTA March 29, 2016 – The award-winning VOC Systems mid-stay guest insight product family adds smart phone texting to the voicemail channel for guests to communicate “What’s right?” and “What needs improvement?” during the stay to hotel GMs and property management.
The ExpressWay system is designed to help hotel managers improve performance with detailed, free-form, mid-stay feedback from guests. While there are many other avenues for feedback, VOC offers distinctive opportunities for immediate and personal service recoveries, reduction of recurring problems, and employee recognition and motivation—all before checkout, surveys and social media.
“VOC Systems ExpressWay is market-driven and solution-oriented. Today, hotel operators want technology to help increase connections with guests and drive retention and advocacy,” said Brad Kesel, CEO of VOC Systems. “Based on client feedback and market research, TEXTWayTM was a strong and logical next choice to add to our existing voicemail and smart-phone interface options.”
VOC Systems offers the industry’s most advanced web-based mid-stay guest feedback application, providing powerful insights, guest experience management, and memorable connections to and with thousands of guests and employees every year.
“By giving guests the choice of both voice and text channels, we facilitate mid-stay reporting to GMs and their service teams. We’re convinced mid-stay guest insight reporting represents the next frontier for understanding the guest experience and moving the performance needle for hotel service teams,” said Brad Kesel, CEO, VOC Systems. “We are looking forward to igniting the industry and deepening our relationships with valued, globally branded hotel clients with innovative solutions that serve a common vision.”
About VOC Systems
Helping hotels since 2008, VOC Systems (aka Voice of the Customer Systems) is a pioneer in the area of mid-experience guest comment reporting, an innovative method of capturing unique knowledge about individual guest needs, advice, ideas, compliments and trends – in real time, allowing hospitality organizations to respond and adapt quickly to fast changing, increasingly demanding customer and market conditions. VOC Systems’ award-winning ExpressWay™ solution provides hotel managers with efficient and effective tools to improve guest satisfaction, make successful recoveries, motivate, coach and recognize employees and reap measurable financial returns. Based in Atlanta, VOC Systems has been implemented by some of the world’s most recognized hotel properties and brands. For more information, please visit

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