Invite every guest to be a quality advisor to the GM—during their stay, not after!

On-Site Service Recoveries

Service recovery is a top priority for any hotel management team. Unfortunately, 30-50% of guests experiencing a problem depart silently. It’s well known that recoveries after the guest leaves are difficult, if not impossible. VOC Systems meets this problem head-on, giving operating teams the ability to recover guests while they’re still on site.

Employee Excitement

You already know that motivated employees deliver service at a higher level. With ExpressWay in place, employees strive to deliver guest service at levels that result in being immediately and personally recognized by supervisors, peers and management.

Early Discovery and Resolution

Avoid the ramifications of an unhappy guest, and the potential cost of a recurring problem affecting subsequent guests on your property, by systematically identifying and resolving issues (many not found on surveys) quickly and efficiently.

Guests’ Freedom to Communicate

Survey fatigue is a growing reality. Increasingly, guests don’t want to be bothered with surveys after, and certainly not during their stay. VOC Systems gives guests total control and freedom to communicate during their stay in the easiest, fastest and most powerful means available—free-form speech. The guest simply dials a local extension and leaves a voicemail for the property’s highest authority, the GM. No reading, no typing, no passwords— no obstacles.
 VOC’s ExpressWay service provides you with an efficient and dramatically effective method of staying in tune to the real voice of your guests—and increasing satisfaction!


Glenn Vlasic, General Manager Sheraton Vistana Resort

“I am confident that guests are now checking out knowing that someone at the property has reached out and acknowledged their needs during their stay with us, and that we’ve done everything possible to create the very best guest experience we could provide…that’s huge!”


Angela Nolan, General Manager Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas

“Knowing how large our four diamond resort is, and how important it is to us to not only meet—but exceed—guest expectations, there was a great opportunity to implement VOC Systems in order to receive and react to, constructive feedback for our team.”


Mike Ryan, General Manager Westin St. John Resort & Villas

“Unlike surveys, the technology allows us to act immediately on valuable insights which helps us create and strengthen relationships with guests for a more personalized experience.”